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Local trailering services in the Raleigh/Durham NC Area

If you need to have a trailer moved, we can (likely) help. We're set up for moving regular trailers up to 8,000 lbs, and gooseneck or fifth wheel trailers up to about 16,000 lbs.

I know circumstances can sometimes leave you with a trailer, but not a vehicle to pull it. It happened to me. I just parked my trailer at a friends house until I had a vehicle to pull it again. We can help you out if your in that situation.

If you don't have a trailer, we have a 5x10 Utility trailer and can provide it for your use and move it as you need.

Earlier this year, we organized a "mulch day" where we rented a dump trailer from Home Depot and took orders from interested people in our neighborhood and made multiple trips to the local landscaping supplier and hauled mulch back to the people that wanted it.

A little later this year we will be adding a 42' fifth wheel travel trailer to our trailer collection. That trailer will be available for rent. We will drop the trailer off at local facilities free of charge (Jordan Lake, Falls Lake, Kerr Lake areas), or will drop it off at farther locations for a fee. Once it's available for rent we'll add a link here.

Credit goes to Unsplash for the great pictures I used as background images.

About Me

I'm a software engineer for my day job. I really only do this as a side gig because I like to pull stuff with my truck. And since I fixed it up to pull fifth wheels and such for my own needs, I thought I might as well try to offset those costs a little bit.

I was raised in southwest Missouri, and I worked for my father's construction company as a kid. It was always a happy day when I got to drive the dump truck with the trailer and either the backhoe or the track loader on it. I have to admit it, I'm still a kid at heart that loves to play with his toys.

Our Services

Pulling your trailer

We'll pick your trailer up, take it wherever you say it needs to go, and drop it off. All charges are based off mileage to do the work. There is a mileage charge for our driving to get to the pickup point and home from the dropoff point. For that we charge $1/mile. There is a higher mileage charge while we are moving the trailer. The specific mileage charge while hooked to the trailer depends on both the weight and how far we are taking it. Very short trips use a higher mileage rate in order to make up for the time it takes to hook and unhook the trailer. This site provides a good description of why the mileage rate can vary a lot based upon weight and distance. Because of that, we will need to provide a quote once we know more about what the job is.

Pulling our trailer for you

We currently only have a 5x10 utility trailer. However, if this option turns out to be popular, we might add more trailers to the stable. Charges here are similar to pulling your trailer, but we add a rental fee based on the amount of time you keep the trailer. NOTE: We do not provide loading or unloading of trailer loads! I've herniated my back 5 times already, so getting the load on and off the trailer is your job, sorry!

Pulling a rental trailer for you

As our home page mentions, we've run neighborhood events in the past. If your neighborhood wants mulch, or needs to get rid of debris, or any other similar task, we can arrange to be the mule that pulls the trailer around for you.


She's probably a biased source, but this winter I moved my sister from Colorado Springs, CO to Joplin, MO


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